Water Finding Service – Call us to locate a site for your next well
Water Finding Service – Call us to locate a site for your next well
  • Groundwater Investigation, Hydrogeology, Locate Sites to Drill Domestic or Irrigation Wells

Mineral Resource Investigation
  • Evaluation of Mineral Property, Mineral Exploration Service

Site Investigations
  • Abandoned Mined Lands More…..
  • Soils and Foundations, Geotechnical Site Assessments, Serving civil engineering and construction

Pre-drilling Hydrogeological Assessments?
  • Plan to drill a well?
  • Want to learn more about your water? Where it is. Why it’s there. Its lifetime. How to protect it.
  • What is a pre-drilling hydrological assessment?
  • Affordable? How does it work? Strategy?
  • Who uses hydrological assessments?
  • Examples
    Who Uses These Services? Who Uses Geological and Geophysical Investigations?
  • Landowners and drilling contractors who need a well site located;Building contractors, home-builders, and engineers uncertain of the subsurface condition;
  • Building and excavation contractors and county and municipal public works departments in need of information about excavation, strength of materials, or water-bearing conditions underground;
  • Municipalities or companies planning for a closure of a mine, quarry, or landfill;
  • Rock suppliers needing new aggregate sources;
  • Public Works departments, municipal planners and building contractors requiring information about foundation conditions;
  • Archeologists planning a dig site;
  • Road departments planning a new bridge or highway structure;
  • Governments planning a site cleanup;
  • Resource companies requiring subsurface mapping; and
  • Prospectors wishing to evaluate their mining claim.